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Living Room with Luxury Vinyl Flooring

How Durable is Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Bedroom with Luxury Vinyl Flooring in the Mountains

Luxury vinyl flooring is an attractive alternative to traditional hardwood floors. It looks dainty, and provides some great benefits, like being easy to clean and pet-friendly. If you're looking to add a rustic touch of traditional wood, without all of its limitations, this product should be at the top of your list for home upgrades or remodels.

You still might be contemplating if it's worth the money, so let us help you with an informative narration on this topic. Our article will discuss how long these planks last before needing replacement or refinishing. In addition, we will tell you what kind of environment they prefer (traffic) so that you can decide whether installing them would work well for you or not.

Types of vinyl flooring

Vinyl Planks

Vinyl planks provide the look and texture of hardwood floors with greater functionalities (such as being water resistant), making them ideal for wet areas. They come in diverse colors and textures to match any wood grain or pattern you might want on your flooring option.

Glue-down vinyl plank floors provide the most rigid and most durable installation option, making them perfect for any room that needs lasting quality.

Vinyl Tiles

Stone-looking vinyl tiles are perfect for creating the look of stone while providing a softer feel underfoot and less chances of chipping, cracking and breaking. The composite core layer makes it water resistant, while colors and sizes galore will make your space stand out from others. All this with grout adds extra design possibilities.


Home with Luxury Vinyl Planks

How Durable is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury vinyl flooring is a popular choice today. The technological advancement with digital printing technology has made it an alternative to carpets, tile, or wood flooring. These sheets have composite layers that bind them together, making them perfect for busy homes with pets or kids running around. The material is also made more durable thanks to a coating, which extends the life of your investment.

The flooring life cycle is essential when deciding which type will work best for you. Many factors can affect longevity, and some key ones include the following:

The Wear-layer Thickness

The design of luxury vinyl floors includes a variety of layers that protect your investment. The wear layer is the first line of defense. Generally, the thicker the wear layer, the more durable the product. This is because a thick wear layer offers greater protection against scratches and scuffs, which can happen in high-traffic areas of your home or commercial floors where heavy appliances are placed on top.

The Installation Process

Improper installation will greatly impact the longevity of the vinyl floor. So, there are three main ways you can go about installing them: doing it yourself, hiring someone else to do the job or calling professionals who know what they're doing and can help get things done quickly for customers with tight timelines.

The last option is a much better choice for this flooring type. It will offer your floor a longer life, and proper installation means there's no chance of any mistakes being made.

The Maintenance Procedure and Frequency

Luxury vinyl flooring is a significant investment that you'll want for years and decades, so be sure to clean it regularly and follow specific cleaning procedures recommended by the manufacturer and the installer.

The Exposure

The wear and tear that a vinyl floor experiences will also determine how long it lasts. That's why some floors are likely to wear out much quicker than others. The most common forms of this include foot traffic, heavy furniture, pets and children. Exposure to direct sunlight has also been shown to contribute to the floor’s deterioration.

Simple Methods to enhance the longevity of luxury Vinyl Flooring

You can take a few simple and effective measures to ensure that your luxury vinyl flooring lasts long and always looks good. While it may look like an expensive investment at first, following these tips will help you save money in the long run by keeping replacement costs low.

Buy Rugs for Areas with Higher Foot Traffic

To keep your luxury vinyl flooring in pristine condition, put rugs at strategic locations (aka high-traffic areas such as entryways and dining rooms) throughout your home. These will help reduce wear and tear on the flooring below and ensure you can enjoy their company for a long time.

Rugs will also add an element of decor to your house.

Rug on Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Use the Right Product to Clean

The right cleaner can make all the difference in how long your flooring lasts. There are many products on store shelves that work well for different types of floors, including luxury vinyl flooring. Check with your dealer or the manufacturer to see which cleaning product is right for your floor.

FAQs About Luxury Vinyl Floors

Yes, luxury vinyl flooring is scratch-resistant, but it's not indestructible. You should still take care to avoid dragging heavy furniture or other objects across the surface, as this can cause visible pesky scratches on your floor.

If using a glue down or loose lay installation you don't need to use an underlay. However, if the subfloor is uneven or cracks, you should level it before installation. This will result in a much smoother and firmer finished product. If you are using a click together installation, you may wish to use an underlay to increase cushioning and sound-deadening benefits.

Notice the signs that show that your flooring may not be as good as before. Look for the following items for confirmation.

  • Scratches or deep cracks
  • Protruding wear layer panes
  • Discoloration
  • Gaps in the planks/tiles/panels
  • Bulging at specific locations

It's tough to say whether or not an LVT tile will be slippery. Some of them have textures that make it less likely for your feet to slip. Smooth surfaces tend to be more slippery than those with embossed textures, which simulate wood or stone surfaces.

Are you looking for a long-lasting flooring finish?

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